W dniu jutrzejszym Synology oficjalnie zaprezentuje nowe oprogramowanie DSM 4.1 do serwerów Synology. Wersja Beta ma wprowadzić dużo zmian, poniżej lista, którą otrzymaliśmy bezpośrednio od firmy Synology:



Funkcje biznesowe XS+ 

  • 2 devices: RS3413xs+ and RS10613xs+
  • Ivy Bridge Intel Xeon Cores rated at 3.1 Ghz
  • Support of SATA III and SAS hard drives plus SSDs acting as caches
  • 8GB ECC RAM, expandable to 32GB
  • 4GBit Ethernet LAN plus two optional 10 Gigabit Ethernet LAN interfaces using PCIe-Cards
  • Reaching a performance of more than 2.000 MB/s and 200.000 IOPS
  • RS34… using Infiniband to connect expansion devices, RS106… using double SAS connections (double for failover)
  • -> Maximum capacity of more than 400TB
  • Passive CPU cooling
  • Power, network and cooling redundant
  • High Availability function to completely mirror two XS+ devices. If one fails, the other one will take up all services without interruption using VLAN mechanisms; synchronisation of data on block level
  • Raid Groups to put one volume on top of multiple Raids
  • Global Hot Spare drives which will replace any failing hard drive whenever needed immediately
  • Support of VAAI hardware acceleration to speed up virtualisation performance
  • Advanced Ressource Monitor which now includes logging of used ressources
  • SNMPv3 support
  • better Mail Station including SMTP Relay, Auto Reply and Forward, statistics on send and received mails, a second spam filter system, alias-adresses and more
  • Quality of service (QoS) to limit bandwith of certain applications based on TCP-port
  • Bandwith control also on user basis which means you can limit WebDAV, FTP and File Station transfers based on user/group (no SMB so far)
  • Advanced Syslog server able to log up to 3000 logs per second, with advanced notification and logging
  • Cloud Station to support synchronisation among multiple users and there might be a Linux client coming!

Surveillance Station 6

  • Visual Station 240HD coming, able to display HD material
  • new UI (especially new color scheme)
  • „Virtual barrier” which you can put e.g. at your door and it will alarm if somebody crosses that
  • Object count e.g. to see how many people went into a building
  • No-Idle-Zone to detect objects which went into an area and stayed there (e.g. parking cars in emergency areas to be kept free)
  • Independent time server to use with cameras
  • Surveillance Station API
  • more flexible layouts to view cameras

DSM 4.1

  • new Video Station to organize all videos you have on your NAS
  • importing Meta data from International Movie Database
  • able to record TV through USB DVB-sticks (they said they only tested DVB-T sticks yet)
  • DS video app to use Video Stations functions on the go
  • Photo Station now with „Timeline”-function to display images across folders by year
  • Photo Station supporting face recognition
  • Audio Station with new UI
  • personal Audio Station coming, comparable to personal Photo Station
  • Synchronised Playback across multiple AirPlay-devices
  • lyrics on Audio Station
  • connecting to internet via proxy server
  • new web app packages (probably through package center; mediawiki, moodle, osticket, joomla, drupal, phpBB, sugarCRM, osCommerce, magento)
  • synchronisation of folders with consolidation of multiple sources
  • IT-self service including paste bin accessible by every user and easy sharing through QuickConnect using the Synology gofile.me service
  • SFTP support
  • FXP support for ftp server
  • Samba update to version 3.6
  • Offline mode of iOS DS audio
  • new UI for Android DS audio and ability to edit playlists
  • broad Windows Phone 7 support also with apps DS audio and DS photo+
  • DS download app for Download Station (first iOS, Android to be added later)
  • unpacking zip files with Download Station including password
  • faster creation of preview pictures used for Photo Station and others
  • Media Server supporting indexing of external drives
  • iTunes supporting more formats through transcoding

Premiera DSM 4.1 została przesunięta na 10 lipca !!!


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